1. Hi im eighty was always fit up to about 65 then had issues with hip joints and knee joints so bunged on unwanted pounds and inches how can i loose weight and inches with out sewing my mouth shut .

  2. I just wanted to tell you doctor thank you very much this is just the perfect video and it has made me made up my mind that I don't want to live this way anymore I'm probably about a hundred pounds overweight and very miserable with myself very unhappy and very unhealthy and I just want to make some big changes thank you so much bless you

  3. Doctor please what is good for pull muscle in the back, doctor did not see nothing in the x- ray but it still pain a lot it's a year now and when I sit down for long it pain a lot and when I bend.please reply when you get the chance.I love all your videos.from Jamaica.

  4. I can't believe that in past one week i also came to some conclusions quite similar to yours like sleep water spicy food planks,walking ,cycling and cutting portions in half

  5. 2lbs each : cherries and grapes. Step1 wash the fruit with warm acidic water. Step2 eat all 4 lbs early in the morning. Step 3 wait….. near the toilet. Drink lots of coconut water to stay hydrated. You’ll thank me later

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