1. As an expert, I'm sure Clegenatur Methods is actually great way to increase your breast size by two cups. Why not give it a chance? maybe it's going to work for you too.

  2. As an specialist, I think Clegenatur Methods can be great way to enhance your bust size naturally. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too

  3. I heard that eating super fast gain weight but that sounds kinda unhealthy cause you could choke. Also if you sleep right after you eat your meal, that also causes weight gain

  4. I'm 14 and I'm stuck at 106 for the past 2 years, I eat so much junk food, I can't stop eating junk food, like a whole bag of chips, a bucket of ice cream and stuff like that. I hate that I NEVER gain weight. People don't like to hug me because I'm too skinny. I have hips and a decent sized butt, I only want to gain weight on my thighs, hips, and butt. Not my waist, my waist is really tiny and I don't want to ruin it. I have an hourglass shape but a skinny version, I want to have a thick hourglass shape.

    Do weight gainers work?? Help me please.

  5. I’m about 106lbs and im using appear in to gain weight I’m also gonna try to excercise every other day imma update y’all on my weight gain journey I’m tryna gain 10-15 lbs let’s see how this goes 🤤 try to remind me to update y’all bc I might forget 😂

  6. Skinny people unite, are you tired of having wrists thin af, thighs almost the same size as your calves, Flat booty,hip dip well your in luck cuz…………………so am I its literally impossible for my weight to have a physical difference ;-;

  7. Does anyone has any tips of how they gained weight? Because i‘ve been exercising for like 3 months already , not a lot but like three times a week with some weight but it just seems not to work, btw i’m 5”4 and 96 pounds… Does anyone knows what else i can do? (:

  8. I am trying to lose weight but trying to keep the booty🍑Can you make a video about that ,for women who is tryin to lose weight and build muscle /store fat in the booty. P.S that would be great

  9. Even though i eat A LOT i just wont Get bigger thighs. But now i have decited that i will eat/drink 700-1000 calories and Get bigger thighs because i can do it and so can you🙃

    Btw when did this become a motivational speach

  10. I hate having skinny legs and people saying i have no ass and just making me feel bad ab myself i hate having a large thigh gap i want thicker thighs , yall lmk some other tips its so hard for me to gain weight .

  11. Omg why do u care about geting a bit fatter thats not good u shouldnt want to get bigget thighs like u should want a guy to fall in love with u for who you are 😉

  12. im tired of ppl saying im hella skinny and i look like a walking stick all my friends are thick abd everybody on my mama side are thick im hoping this help me a lot

  13. I want to get bigger thighs so i can get rid of my thigh gap because i don't like it..im tired of people calling me chicken legs..i really want to gain weight..especially my legs..pls help if u have any suggestions

  14. I don't get what's wrong with being Skinny? I mean unlike me, A person in the brink of being overweight would rather be underweight. Atleast you could fit in more clothes? Atleast you don't really have to worry in getting fat (Depends if you do though) I mean, i'd rather be called a stick, pretzel or anything than being called a pig.

  15. I've struggled all my life with my weight . I'm already 32 years old and still struggling it is so hard I have a fast metabolism and I think genetics play a role .

  16. Yea if I gain weight it's gonna go all to my upper body. My body is so weird, my legs are toned and small and my upper body is fat and gross. I don't get it:(

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