1. It’s hard whenever you have a secret ed and people keep encouraging you on being “healthy” or complimenting your figure. Because of course they don’t know but it keeps you going down an unhealthy path.

  2. to be honest I'm just here to see my beloved artist, the women who inspire me and most people, the one and only DEMI LOVATO😊😊😊💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. I used to not eat very much food at all but I started eating as much as I could and it didn’t really do anything but as I kept doing I’ve gained 10 pounds and now weigh 80 pounds. But an eating disorder never really crossed my mind because I’ve been focusing on getting taller. I get made fun of a lot because I’m really short

  4. After i „fell“ in anorexia three times now, i decided to gain weight and be happy and thicc. If you struggle with your body, especially with anorexia, you should definitely look up an inspiring girl named Jen brett🥰

  5. I swear fans some fans need to just shut up. It don't matter if they skinny, in the middle, big, plus sized, curvy, or etc. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL BIG OR SMALL LIKE GET OVER ITT.

  6. U know all tbese Celebs in depression things happen just because of Online Haters….Who Don't know anything but having fun making of Others rather than just Minding Their Buisness…..Please press thumbs up👇

  7. The reason Demi Lovato Gained weight is because if she didn’t her anorexia would have gotten worse and she would have died.This doesn’t mean she was happy gaining the weight just watch her documentary(simply complicated) she still sometimes worry about her weight.She also sometimes purge and binges.😠

  8. At my heaviest I got up to 329 I stand 5"10 and I was very unhappy about who I had become so I told myself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with will power , hard work in 18 months I lost 140 LBS. but one of the scars I carry is every time I look in a mirror I still see that fat guy looking back at me I now weigh 220 and still working on being better but at 58 I know time is against me so all I can say is if you are happy and healthy in your own skin be proud of who you are and by the way if you are a real man….we don't play with dolls .

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