1. Hanna omg how freaking insane I just realized Eminems daughter follows you on IG 😩😩😩😩 because she’s into fitness as well omggggg

  2. Totally digged the at home video ( especially since “my gym” is at my house ). My abs are going to be on 🔥 , I can already feel it………… Your baby got so big. I remember when he made his first bedute on YouTube. So handsome 👌🏼💞

  3. From now on I'll be doing this regulary. I really enjoy this workout – effective but not extremely exhausting.
    I'm used to support my body with my elbow when doing the side plank excercise..is this okay too? 🙂

  4. omg hanna i did a body read yesterday and it says i must focus on my abs more than the rest of my body.. apparently im over weight in stomach area! nd i cum on youtube nd BOOM YOU GOT ME! JUST WHAT I NEEDED

  5. I looove this. I was definitely burnt out half way through the second round…. but wow 😮 I know I’ll feel this tomorrow. PS! I love the clock timer you gave us ! it was so helpful that way I could keep my Fitbit on to track my heart rate and workout time 👏🏼

  6. OMG!!!! i just finished the workout!!!! i hate you for it lmaoooo. you killed me with the side plank smh!!! over all its what i needed a push. i love you and thank you. pls keep doing these workouts i really enjoyed it. muahsssss!!!!!

  7. Hej Hanna 😊 Just wanna start by saying that you are such a inspiration and motivation. Love seeing your videos and following you. 😊💪🏻
    I was wondering what kind of watch you have? Tried to look in old videos were you talked about it but could not find it 😔

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