1. BEGINNER STYLE ABS! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Would you like to see more beginner style videos?? Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up and leaving a comment down below! Much love! xx

  2. beautifies was fantastic it really worked well for me and please beetroot to make some videos 10 minutes for the app workout that's really helpful

  3. I'm doing this ab routine after each workout of the summer MadFit marathon for the month of July! I really want to strengthen my core; it's time to stop just saying "I wan't abs" and finally do something to work toward my long-term fitness goals! I'm proud of myself for taking the first steps to making training my core a habit instead of an afterthought!

  4. Yesssssss! All of last month I did one of your 15 minute lower ab workout and I did it about 3 times a week but it was still too much even at the end of the month. 🙁 Happy I was able to get through this one with only a slight modification in the oblique move. Thank you!!!

  5. This helped soooo much I had abs in two weeks, well they were small cause I need to do cardio. Can you pleaaseeee do one that targets the legs, or at lest give me some tips

  6. Thanks for this upload and thanks for doitinadime recommendation, I'll surely go home to try these 10 minutes workout 🤞🏼
    Wish this playlist had more than this video, i.e. more videos for beginners please!

  7. First workout channel that i come across which explains the "details" that actually make the difference in your body and prevents injuries. I am so happy I found your channel. Great work🙏🙌

  8. Great work out for beginners I am 13 and I really want to get into a healthy life style by doing workouts and also eating healthy , I alway had a bad sweet tooth and eat really unhealthy and I want to change that by starting of small like this then getting better and better as I go not only to be healthier but to feel better about myself ❤️😊

  9. Finally!!! An exercise person that put hands to ears and not on the back of the head! I grew up around d weightlifters and the strain that move put on your neck was a no no in their routine. I really love this intro to your channel. It's been difficult to find a women that I feel I can look up to and knows. I love your exercises so much!!! Defiantly gonna make a work out routeen with your videos! Already I can feel a difference! Thank you x

  10. Love the beginner work outs! I had no idea how out of shape I’ve really gotten. I would love some shoulder and arm beginner workouts, and some booty ones too!! ❤️

  11. Hey I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I could only get half way through this and I didn't feel my abs burning at all. The reason I stopped was because my neck was really starting to hurt and I also got extremely lightheaded. Could someone give me some help advice?

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