1. I began doing this workout because I was sick of having fat arms and armpitfat but WOW!! You are actually the only one who can make me, someone who gives up after one try, keep doing this for almost 5 days!! Maybe it’s the way when you mute the music and start talking about reaching your goal but I love it! I am so glad I found you and this really helps, I am 4 days in and I already see the difference! Thank you so much ✨🤗

  2. Thank you, ma'am, it really works and I am glad to see this and today so third day and I am not expecting the results very much but please make a similar video about thigh fats

  3. My 3rd week I follow your exercises and I’m really hoping to see changements very soon 😁 and I do your exercices everyday without exception. I do have a belly and try to burn it, same for my thighs fat, and try to tone my booty ( it starts to get tone ), I work my arms, back, armpits and chest as well, I follow you. But I think for my belly I’ll need to go on walks for more results. That belly is here for years now it won’t gone that easily

    Question : is that normal if my arms are getting muscular doing that ?

  4. Day 1:my arms feel the burn and i love it. Day 2:when i woke up my underarm hurts a bit,,then i do the workout after my 7 days programe and i'm a little tired….i feel the burn

  5. Ive been doing this for nearly a month now and my arms have definitely toned up!! I don't see any difference in my under arm fat so I'll keep going!!

  6. hello emi, i have been doing this for a couple of days straight and the burn is amazing! though lately i noticed my arms got bigger >< does this excercise really bulk up your arms or did i just gain weight.. maybe im doing something wrong? :"<

  7. My arms are burning, thanks a lot. I’m gonna keep on doing it for 2 weeks and then I’ll give a review on the results, wish me luck ❤️

  8. New here and I just love these workouts. I can really feel them working exactly the areas you say they will work out! Love the music and all the commentary you give.

  9. i just found your channel today and i wasnt sure if this workout would work for me but im glad i was wrong. it got my heart rate up and gave me a good sweat all witout weights…i cant afford weights right now so this video helped me a lot. thank you.

  10. wow! i have literally done this workout twice and already see results! i’ve tried multiple different youtube workouts, but yours seems to be the only one that works. thank you so much for this amazing workout! i’m already seeing results! #changewithemi

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