1. I have a severe case of "runner's knee" it's too the point that last year it caused a dislocation that put me on a cane for 9 months. Does anyone have advice for building muscle in the inner thigh? Was told by my physician to strengthen inner and when outer to balance it out but almost all works I found focus mostly on every part except inner thigh

  2. I’ve been doing this 4-6 times weekly for about six months and I’ve gotten incredible results. My thighs do not touch each other and they are beautifully toned. Thank you so much Sanne. 💪🏼💜

  3. Day 1✔️
    Day 2✔️
    Day 3✔️
    Day 4✔️ (took a break yesterday)
    Day 5✔️
    Day 6✔️
    Day 7✔️
    Day 8✔️
    Day 9✔️
    Day 10✔️
    Day 11✔️
    Day 12✔️
    Day 13✔️
    Day 14✔️
    Day 15✔️
    Day 16✔️

  4. I stumbled on this video by chance, I don't know this youtuber but i've been doing other "slim thighs" workouts for a week now with very similar exercises to these. BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP. I can't engage my inner thigh. I almost don't feel it at all, outer is burning and the inner zero. It's like I can't "reach" it with my mind, therefore I don't think it will slim down if it doesn't burn. ANY TIPS on how to engage it? I don't think I have much control on that muscle to squeeze it or smth, I almost never feel it burning when I do even specific workouts wtf

  5. Can you do an arm workout for those of us who literally can't seem to get toned arms no matter what we do? Looking for more challenging moves that hit all parts of the upper arm.

  6. Will It train the upper thighs as well the thigh gab part? I dont want my legs to rub together anymore. Hopefully someone can answer this question thanks 💜

  7. this is the best description of the exercises i could come up with, if you've been looking for it:


    legs wide + sit 50' (like a sumo squat almost i think)

    standing right leg extensions 50'

    standing left leg extensions 50'

    laying on the left side:

    left leg lifts 50'

    left leg circles 50'

    laying on the right side:

    left arm and leg meet in the middle 50'
    (leg lifts)
    left leg semi circles, heel-toes 50'

    laying on the right side:

    right leg lifts 50'

    right leg circles 50'

    laying on the left side:

    right arm and leg meet in the middle 50'
    (leg lifts)
    right leg semi circles, heel-toes 50'

  8. Thanks for your video❤️ It is really helpful. I can see the result very fast. Although I had already done this workout for around five days but I can see my thighs and calves become slimmer💕

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