1. Hey Maddie, I love your ab workouts and do them all the time, but just wanted to know how often you train your abs a week?? Lots of love!! 💪🏼💕

  2. Im a busy mom of or 4 under 6yo! I’ve always been an active person but found it hard to get a good sweat the more babies i had. Your videos give me the freedom to give them an activity or during naps get a really good work out! Thank you 🙏

  3. Primer día ✨
    Pensé que no lo iba a lograr completo pero pude , vendre dentro de dos semanas para decir los resultados 💪🏻🦵🏻

  4. me thinking i could do a 10 minute workout but worked up quite the sweat afterwards and didn’t even do some of the exercises right because i’m that out of shape… cue sad music

  5. Can you do a workout with the song "Bad liar" from emagine dragons? 😍 Or one with the song "this is war" from thirty seconds to mars😍❤️ it would be great and motivating because of the music😅❤️

  6. I just ate big bag of chips, Candy and few pastries. My stomach really hurt and I felt like i was gonna throw up. But I motivated myself and did your 20 min workout and this ab workout- and I feel really amazing, satisfied and not guilty at all!

  7. I’m a cross country runner and I thought I had good core… this video proved me wrong!😂😂😂 awesome video definitely using this to help

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