1. I wonder if you can help me? I found one of your ab w/o's that seemed challenging but do able for a 69 yr. old woman. =) I think it was about 15 minutes long? I was planning to do the exercises today, but I cannot find the video again. I remember y'all doing a move on the floor that you referred to as a "clam". While I know you have several amazing tutorials, I would really like to find this particular one. Thanks for any help!

  2. That burns so good every time!😍

    First it was difficult for me, but now it's easy! Love that workout! Thanks for uploading it. I can't stop to say it!

    I lost 2kg in one week with the workout 5 days a week. I hope it won't stop!

    Greeds from Germany!😊🇩🇪

  3. Intermediate/ advanced
    Day 1- 1 set
    Day 2- 1 set
    Day 3- 1 set
    Day 4- 1 set
    Day 5- 1 set
    Skipped a week bc of my period 🙁
    Day 11- 1 set
    Day 12th- 1 set
    Day 13th- 0 sets
    Day 14th- 1 set
    Day 15th- 0 sets
    Day 16th- 1 set
    Day 17th- 1 set
    Day 18th- 1 set
    Day 19th- 0 sets
    Day 20th- 1 set
    Day 21th- 1 set
    Wow this is a killer but when it’s done I feel so energetic and fit
    Day 22nd- 1 set
    Day 23rd- 0 sets
    Day 24th- 0 sets
    Day 25th- 1 set
    Day 26th- 0 sets
    Day 27th- 1 set

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