1. Day 8 going strong (kinda) also even though I'm not controlling my diet that well I still feel like I lost a little but of my belly because my uniform is slightly lose.
    Thanks Chloe ❤❤

  2. day 1: VERY VERY hard the first day, along with another separate glute workout ive been doing, ive decided to go without rest days since i didnt want to change my diet too much. hopefully it evens out. the motivation would be amazing!! im super sore n ill continue to keep updating this as the days go on!!! <3 cant wait for my dream belly

    day 2: not that anyone cares about this thread, but its my second day. i only felt temporary soreness after yesterday's workout. i ate really bad today and hopefully this pays off. the motivation would still be great. cant wait for my dream belly!!!!! <3

  3. I really want. Flat stomach with abs again. I can’t afford a gym membership because of school. So I am hoping this will give me results I want. I did this and my legs and abs hurt. Should I only feel it in the lower abs?

  4. Shit, I literally died.
    Just for the record to keep me going :
    1. My height is 160 cm
    2. My weight is 59 kg as in right now

    🎈Day 1 : Did this workout and few other more of Chloe's. I took it slow, stop when I have to but did not skip any workout. Ate small portion of rice 45 mins before working out.
    🎈Day 2 : I did all the same workout again, today I just feel really tired, so I took it slow, but I add a bit more of abs workout in the end. Not my proudest but still a progress. I feel more comfortable, because my belly seems to be a lil flatter than a week ago(Im also on a diet) however I still weight the same.
    🎈Day 3 : phew, day 1 of school. Feeling more energized and finish all the workouts faster than usual today, as in for weight I haven't check yet. Did a 1 min plank at the end, but man, it was so hard and I fell on my face multiple times, swear imma get stronger!

  5. I've only been doing the challenge for four days now and wow is there a difference I'm starting to feel more confident in my clothes in such a short amount of time can't wait to continue!!

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