1. I started off with only being able to do 3-4 ring dips. A year later… I can do around 15 for a max set. The takeaway is… the body grow stronger if you're consistent there's no doubt about that! For you guy's going for a ring muscle up… this is a great way to build strength towards that goal 💪.

  2. Hey man! Totally agree with everything you said. I did pretty much the same mistakes. Lifting heavy,adding too much muscle mass,boxing and injuring my back and my shoulders (( With age i realize that the only thing that is important is my health. So i'm doing more bodywheight training,more mobility work,stability exercises etc. We need more people who promote this and giving all this information. So thank you, your videos are very helpful!

  3. have you noticed that your body weight changed when you switched from traditional powerlifting/barbell/dumbbell training to body weight? I feel like my ego right now wants me to be a certain weight. So how do I know what my ideal body weight is??

  4. I have watched a lot of your videos but this is one of my favorite. I liked the podcastin and learning some of your philosophical viewpoints! Great mobility!

  5. Hi Josh,
    Can you gain lean muscle mass and weight with body weight workouts? I think the weights have caused me injuries too so I'm thinking more of bodyweight but want to gain lean mass.
    Also, do you eat certain amount of calories or just eat how you feel? Do you eat right after workout?
    Thanks! Great videos !

  6. my lower back is stuffed from sitting down which i have to do ( computer) i broke my knee and my joint has half of the top of the bone raised in the joint, this throws everything out, please someone point me to a video that will strengthen and help.. appreciated

  7. Hey Josh. I was doing your bullet proof knee exercise and I kept getting a cramp in my the instep of my left foot. I have a rotated hip and a little bit of an anterior pelvic tilt. I also noticed that I would get the same cramp whenever I pointed my toes. Is there a way to remedy this? Is this because of muscle weakness or tightness? Always appreciate your videos and advice. 👍

  8. seems like a very low volume workout? 3 sets of 2 exercises. Would be interested to hear your take on this. Do you ever do really high volume days where you do tons of pull ups for example?

  9. Thanks for the little podcast josh. Here’s a question: on the journey of going from not working out at all to working out almost every day or every other day, I experience pain at several spots over my body. I know they’re growing pains because they come and go. But how do you differentiate those growing pains from the kind of pain that actually requires the attention of a medical professional? Thanks in advance.

  10. So true man. I did weight training for almost 15 years and now completely into bodyweight,flexibility,mobility stuff and though bodyweight is equally challenging but still I crave for heavy bench press sometimes😀

  11. good point man, the fear of geting off of the barbell is real, even after aductor strains, after loosing flexibility i once had, not being as strong as i have been, i still find it hard to give all that up and just gain back my body. guess i'll just have to do it and hope for the best! thank you brother!

  12. Enlightenment. Such a good conversation Josh. As a skinny kid for me it used to be the dream of being big and jacked but now i just want to be the best version of myself i want to learn about my body and absolutely improve and get stronger but with respect and presence. Not just blindly eating endless carbs and “1 gram of protein per lb of bodyweight”. I think the kind of fitness culture that has become mainstream has made people think that eating ungodly amounts of protein and carbs is the norm and anything different is somehow sub optimal or un-natural. Its bonkers. Great video

  13. Those are great basic values, that we love when we are teenagers but can loose when work life takes over even when we have sporting careers. Regaining those values when we stop our careers and start bringing back essential survival skills in the form of diet and excercise again and it is all good. Thanks for communicating that thought for us😎 and learning to use our body weight only and gravity is conditioning enough for essential health.

  14. Thanks for sharing, it speaks to me in the current moment as I've been struggling with pain recently. I'm a beginner and have a tendency to over exert, with all the new information and different influences, at times I lose focus.

  15. I think you should write a book, it would be a best seller! All I do is bodyweight exercises and at 60 except for a few injuries I feel great,thank you again.

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