1. i will actually update (because most people don’t) ps. i’m a dancer so results might be different for you 🙂

    Day 1: really dead and tired. since it is the first day i dont see a difference

  2. I am doing the summer challenge

    July 7, 2019 (today) Day 1: just finished both of the exercises… Couldn't do the 25 min full body in one period, so I broke it up throughout the day

    July 8, 2019 Day 2:

    July 9, 2019 Day 3:

  3. when i tell you i had NO motivation to workout today, i had literally NONE. waking up to the fact that my childhood idol & crush, Cameron Boyce, is gone.. is just so heartbreaking, like i just couldn’t do it today.. but i ended up doing it anyway.. 🙁

    rest in peace, Cameron. 💔

  4. I had to skip the full body workout for day one because I got extremely dizzy and a huge headache😫😫, so I just considered it a trial day, just to get a feel of what I'm doing!! I'll start the full day tomorrow and give weekly updates!!

    Those flutter kicks got me messed up😭😭😭

  5. Day 30 completed today. Started out with soft and undefinied abs and experiened a slow transformation into a somewhat firm belly. However, after getting excited about first visible changes around week 3, there was no progress in the last week. I am still far from defined abs and can't decide whether contiuning the same exercises will really make another change or if that's just it. Any experience or opinions?

  6. i’ve never left a comment before so this is my first! when i started my exercise journey, my goal was just to lose as much as i could and see how much i could lose. i’m on my day 64 today and i think my thinking has changed! now, i just want to be as healthy as i can. I have done her flat belly workout, and i took a 2 day break and i’m currently on day 23 of the summer shred challenge! After the flat belly workout, i lost 2cm around my arms, 1 cm around my thighs and my waist went from 71 to 67cm! However, i bloat quite a lot so it’s only apparent when i wake up! Doing Chloe’s exercises made me more conscious about my health. It’s only been 60+ days and I’ve never felt better about my body than I do now. Of course, I still have negative thoughts but I’ve not given up!! I never measured my weight as often and I do it once every two weeks. My weight currently is 48kg from a consistent 50kg before I started! I still don’t have my ideal weight/waist or anything, but the important thing is the journey and the results are just a plus. I’ve always thought about quitting but you need pain and suffering to make the journey worth it! If i can, i’ll come back here to update when it’s my day 100 🙂

    Don’t give up!! The last time I worked out before I started this journey was when I was about 12 but that was when I was doing sports. I didn’t do sports ever after that and I’m 18 right now. I never thought I could do it but I can and I am determined to get through this!!

  7. I decided to write here my progress to motivate myself a little bit💪🏾.
    " My weigh is 54.0kg on day 1"
    DAY 1 – EP1: Full Body Fat Burn
             10 Mins Abs – DONE👍🏾.
    DAY 2 – EP2: 11 Abs – DONE🤩.
    DAY 3 – EP1: Full Body Fat Burn
    EP2: 11 Abs – DONE💛.
    DAY 4 – REST💆🏾‍♀️.
    DAY 5 – EP1: Full Body Fat Burn
    EP2: 11 Abs
    10Mins Abs – DONE🤢.
    DAY 6 – EP2: 11 Abs
    Plank Challenge
    10Mins Abs – DONE😰.

    I'll keep updating my July journey💪🏾.

  8. I’m starting this today July 6 and I’m going to try and do it every day til I get nice results which ultimately would be abs. I’m not a super healthy eater and I don’t have a flat stomach so I would like to get in better shape over the Summer. I will try and update every day! Likes for motivation to update!

    Day 1- can barely breathe but I completed the whole workout. I can tell I’ll be sore tomorrow. Not much to say about today.

    Day 2- very out of breath after workout. Didn’t feel much easier than yesterday. I woke up very sore this morning but it was a good kind of sore.

  9. Ive been doing these workouts a few times a week and i see myself doing better everytime and it does get easier! Don’t give up beauties!💞

  10. OK so this workout was I-N-T-E-N-S-E , I have recently been such a lazy human & stopped going to the gym 2 months ago ,
    I am gonna do this workout for 30 days and hopefully I see some results 😊
    DAY 1 : I almost gave up in the first 3 minutes , made me realize how badly I am out of shape . I have accomplished 1 day of this work out and it feels AMAZING 👍🏼

  11. the . bycicle crunch will get better guys. at the first time doing it i think i saw Jesus but now, it's more managable i can do it without stopping

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