1. One of your viewers, Marya, stated that you deserved more than a million viewers and I agree, so I hope I was that millionth and one viewer for you. Have a Blessed day.

  2. For a 7 minute workout it's very impacting! Sometimes when I work out for 30 min, I don't feel the burn or sweating! I got to say GREAT job, I have downloaded the arms, stomach, and other workouts from you! I will do three a day for the next 7 days and the gym for an hour.. I need to start eating a little bit better as well!! NO more sweet treats *insert hand emoji* LOL..thanks again

  3. Just did this workout after doing the 1,000-step workout. Two workouts before breakfast! Patting myself on the back here, but Lucy gets most of the credit for inspiring all of us. Truly the best way to start the day. Thank you…again. ♥

  4. I really didn't want to work out today but it's 8pm and somehow i've managed to do this workout and i feel great! Thank you so much Lucy for keeping me motivated 😘

  5. Hi Lucy I am breast feeding mother and also thyroid patient I gain 15 kg during my pregnancy and can’t lose it I do a lot of diets and workout but nothing happen plz help me what shall I do

  6. First day – completed. Will be updating everyday after workout. Will be eating less and drinking parsley water for the next 7 days. I’m a stay home mom so I don’t go outside to walk or anything. I plan to add 10 min of jumping ropes and that can be my walking for the day. Current wait is 146. Waist is 34. I’ll let you know everything I did if I do loose my belly fat.

    Edit: day 2 completed.

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