1. A mat that you would recommend not slip when one is sweating. Specially when planking i do it on my carpet but it burns my elbows. Thank you to anyone who helps.

  2. I owe Fitness Blender a lot
    Before actually understanding Fitness Blender’s methods, I used to think that after workouts I couldn’t eat and only drink my 8 bottles of water (I still drink that much water everyday)
    It’s been about 3 months now and I’ve lost so much even though I still feel that I am “ugly”
    I’m not going to disclose my previous weight just because I feel uncomfortable talking about it (no I wasn’t 200+ pounds) but I will say that I have lost about 20-30 pounds and it is absolutely amazing!
    I feel energized, more confident, a little badass; even though I know I am still flawed, I am learning to love myself
    So I hope, if anyone reads this, to inspire anyone to continue the journey, understand the balance of eating correctly and exercising in different areas of the human body and other methods (yes even yoga/pilates!). You will feel better, look better, and live happier! good luck guys, stay positive, and thank you Fitness Blender x

  3. I've made a schedule/program out of these workouts. I've been following the schedule.pretty well but I have a problem with eating. I don't necessarily over eat junk food but I usually eat seconds and stuff like that, I know this name sounds like I'm kidding but I'm serious, help me

  4. I just tried this, and I actually did it twice!! I paired it with one of your 30 Minute Lower Body Mass workout- with weights. I loved it!! So, I technically worked out with Daniel twice today lol. I haven't worked out in 8 days just because of being really busy, so I've just been taking my dog for long walks. I've missed working out with you guys so much! But it's always good to take a break. #WorkoutComplete.

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