1. me encanta este ejercicio. xk? pues lo puedo hacerlo y al terminar seguir respirando.. en comparación de otros no los logro terminar… y ciento k me quitan la vida … i love u tiffany!!!

  2. Hey Tiffany. I did this workout 3 years ago and my body did so good. Right now im 5 weeks post partum and started doing your workout today. Fingers crossed it will work!🤞🏼

  3. I always laugh when she says do it three times! I barely survived the first time! My whole body feels like jello and I probably won't be able to move for a week lol. But I keep coming back every day.

  4. It's been yrs since I last did a workout from Tiffany. I decided to give this one a try out because it looked easy and damn! I'm sweating like a dog lmfao. I love these workouts!

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