1. Yout don't even know what diastasis recti is hahahahahahah. Any separation could be normal, everyone has one. Is about the line of alba being damaged, fiber that unites both sides of the abs. And sorry, no fixing with excersice, line of alba does not "heal", to a real solution, just go to surgery.

  2. Sorry but lifting your head makes a lot of pressure on your abdomen and I have been told by a physiotherapist that you don't suppose to do that when your suffer from diastasis recti, you will make it worse if you do it like that

  3. How big was your diastatis gap? I've heard that lifting your neck the way you do isn't a good idea for fixing your diastatis. Did you start with milder exercises? Are those exercises effective for anyone with weaker core as well? Thanks

  4. I want to work out…But my belly goes into a hill shape whenever I start. I checked, my back is on the floor but my belly is still coning to a hill. I am afraid as I worked out normally, especially with crunches, for over three months and I think I made it worse.

  5. m 50yr male n i have a 2finger gap….dr said it can never be repaired n
    i have to walk around ike a fat slob with a pot belly for the rest of
    my life….is this true? i think i did a squat down the gym maybe
    caused it……my stomach is like concrete to the touch cos i
    concentrate on cardio n push n situps…… dr said im very fit……are
    there any exercises that i can do plz to repair n get rid of this pot
    belly? i also want to build muscle but atm im depressed n angry n
    worried n feel like vomiting from this bomb to my self esteem….. note-
    ive never been pregnant n never ever wanna be either….can you do a vid for us blokes on this problem

  6. I love how you're are brief and to the point with your introduction and get straight to how to resolve this issue. 👏 How often do you recommend doing this routine?

  7. Hey Carly, how quickly after giving birth would you recommend starting doing this routine? – is it just whenever you are comfortable enough to start? lol (aka, the worst healing done and over) 😀

  8. As I said on your IG post I’m definitely trying this for my bladder retention and delay in urinating due to chronic illness. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on! Thank for sharing beautiful ❤️

  9. You're so lovely. Congrats on you're new arrival and well done for being so real. Am I right in thinking these could help my hubby?.. he has a torn rectus abdominus and is self conscious as over all he's in good shape but is scared of ab exercises and is gradually expanding around the waistline.

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