1. Video Schedule:
    New fitness/health video every Wednesday
    New flexibility/dance or gymnastic trick tutorial every Saturday (sometimes I may upload a short film on Saturday instead but it all depends)

  2. Alivia,this work-out is really tiring but I want to be in shape even if it's not summer i have a goal to do this for 6 weeks and see how much weight i lost i'm 11 and I weight 84 pounds I will try to get lower.:)

    Edit:This is my fifth time doing it and It honestly isn't that tiring but still tiring 🙂

  3. I don’t mean to be fishing for likes but, could you help a girl out and help me remember to do this tomorrow? I’m trying to achieve my goal of losing 5 pounds! I wish everyone else luck that is trying to get fit or lose weight! ❤️

  4. I feel kinda bad for doing breaks in between but I did the whole workout so I guess it’s okay.
    It was my first time doing this and I have to admit it got hard at some times but I’m going to do this every day.
    You really motivated me to change my life and don’t give up!❤️

  5. So I know this video is quite old but I’ve never been the type of person to like or enjoy sport at all but recently I started feeling bad about my body and would look in the mirror and be really upset but yesterday I decided I really did want to change that so I did the intense ab workout and that wasn’t really for me although it was a great workout. So I wasn’t super motivated to do is again today but I really wanted to feel better about myself so I decided instead of quitting I will just try a different one and I loved this one so much. I found the length more suitable for me and I feel so good right now. My goal is to continue to use this everyday and hopefully in return feel really good.

  6. Alivia I really love your exercises. After this experience on your channel, my body started being stronger and stronger! And also, I have been following your ab workout sessions for 2 weeks and now I finally have abs !!!! Thx for your hard work 😅❤️. Xoxo Lynda 😘

  7. I have tried a lot of waya to get weight below 50kg but no luck for 20 years this workout actually did it! I was 49.5! But of course accompany with a diet! But still it is unbelievable! Keep it up guys! You will get there

  8. When i do this first time im literally out of breath i’m so tired but i dont quit. After days, my body becomes stronger.

    Tips: if u feel tired. U can rest but never give up.
    ~keep going💜

  9. I just finished this and I already see a difference! You’re so inspirational and you’re voice so calming I think I’m going to do this and you’re summer abs workout a lot ❤️

  10. i have started dance 2 terms ago, i find it quite hard as i am already 12 and can't stop comparing myself with others. Flexibility, and the capability to spot in turns is so hard. any tips?

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