1. There’s a TON of shadow boxing workouts for boxing on YouTube, but nearly ZERO specific to Muay Thai… so I went ahead and made one 🔥

    If you enjoy this type of video workout be sure to let me know so I can continue making more!! 👊🙏

  2. คุณสุดยอดที่ต่อยมวยไทยผมขอสนับสนุนคุณที่ช่วยเผยแพร่ศิลปะมวยไทยสนับสนุนครับ

  3. My MT shadowboxing is more like regular boxing with elbows and long guard. I need to add some kicks and knees. It feels weird kicking the air…
    Thanks for the video! I needed a reminder to finish with kicks.

  4. this is great. As someone with little experience, I like how there is enough structure to never feel lost, but not enough to stifle creativity. Thanks for the video!

  5. I guess the 30 or so thumbs down must be from noobs. Great shadow boxing. The only thing I would add, even for beginners, is a quick shadow clinch with a knee or two and an exit with an elbow.

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