1. seriously how did your first entry take it too far, as in her determination and will went too far or her resillence seriously what are you fkn talking about ?

  2. Yes, the title is not fitting and these women are so incredible and there accomplishments should be honored. Chen lifting over 4 times her weight is so incredible and not just for female but for humans period. These women represent the highest level of human physical strength, balance and focus and have came back from serious injuries that cripple some people for life because of how strong minded they are.

  3. I like Demi ….yes alot of men and a few ladies are over muscled and it does not seem natural but Demi seems different… Demi is my favorite !!! Demi seems to be a natural to me, like no drugs or whatever too!!!

  4. The title of this piece irritated me the entire time I watched the video, being right there under it ,nobody on this video took it too far. Every one of them was a champion in her own right, and would the title have been, these bodybuilding men took it too far.

  5. Hye Young Kim is gorgeous. her butt isnt really that big like her stances show. it's just popping out her hip. so she's proportionate. she hasn't "taken it too far". shes an amazing model and most likely is not cut that tight during off season. they have to eat so many calories a day to maintain their muscle mass and purposely drop body fat to a very low count for competitions. but usually they don't work as hard during off season, still weight lifting just not to burn down the fat. Apparently, the writer of this story is a moron and doesn't understand weight lifting 😕

  6. Well, man doesn't have to do anything in this so-called planet called Planet Man's World, women can do anything too from reasonable choices, such as weight-lifting, and that's all right, as long as that they don't hurt themselves from going too far, but carefully therein.

  7. So what women aren’t allowed to get toned???? I think these women are phenomenal they know what they want and how to get it and work hard to get where they are, so you have 2 choices 1. Support them or 2. Shut your f*cking mouth and leave them be!!!

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