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  2. grt video man… and yeah i would like to see the full DB program at home….also how many days can this 10 min workout be done in a week ..because i gotta do martial arts too u know…

  3. Shall I repeat the exercise one by one or I should repeat the complete exercise after completing the round. Means one by one or I should repeat starting from the beginning

  4. Who needs Gym and a Coach when I got a pair of Dumbbells and YOU! My Barbaric bro! You subconsciously helped me get a Girlfriend u know💚Thanks wooo🎉

  5. This would be good exercise on tight space area as I live on small apartment. So no reason not to exercise. Hehe perhaps I can't do the jump one because mine was upstairs. Haha I'm low budget so I made my own DIY dumbells using empty paint buckets filled with sand and cement.
    Anyways Thanks for this guide 👊

  6. I enjoy your workout channel and think home dumbbell only workouts are great, but is this all you did to obtain your physique? Or do you use more free weight and barbell action?

  7. Hey Tanner. I like all your videos bro. I was 200 lbs and now I'm at 180 lbs and your videos have helped a lot. Can you make a video to get rid off the love handles. I have tried several exercises and don't see results, I would like to have the "V" shape on my mid section.
    Jimmi from Portland Or.

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