1. jessica you helped me out of my depression with your videos . I started moving at home because i was not ready to go outside .Now, I can walk outside and do your workout thank you so much you brought me back to life . sorry for my bad English I am from Egypt . Thank you

  2. Peanut! You would be so proud. My kitty, Marley, has been taking lessons from you and slept/laid right next to me flailing away trying to keep up with Jessica the entire workout. 🙂

  3. Again, thank you Jessica!!! you always come through for us!! another short but great workout! that we can do alone or add to another workout! God bless you for always giving!! hugs to Peanut too!!

  4. I really loved this one. Simple, easy moves that got my heart rate up without straining my knees (I just stayed shallow on the single knee lifts). I would love to see more like this but longer, maybe 20-25 minutes? Seeing Peanut always makes my day, too.

  5. really liked this one. I had intended to do something longer, but I ended up doing yard work. This was a great follow up to that and will be a great warm-up for some longer workouts, or maybe a run in the future. Sometimes I am more motivated to do multiple short workouts than one long one. As usual, I loved Peanut's input. I actually saw a picture the other day of a dog named Butters who could be Peanuts sibling!

  6. I felt kind of sluggish and tired after work today (still feeling tired), and was going to opt out of working out today. Glad I did not. This was just what I needed to get some movement. Thanks Jessica.

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