1. i just started getting back into fitness after a 4 month relapse and your videos are short and hard enough for me to build my way up and also increase my endurance. thank u!

  2. Thank you for this! I’ve been searching so long to follow someone’s workout and I never liked any in particular until I stumbled across your channel! Appreciate you so much ♥️

  3. i really love your workouts! for me, as a beginner, they are the best compromise between challenging me, but not too much, so that i lose motivation. just LOVE it!

  4. Would you consider showing us more of what types of weight lifting you do? I love your at home workouts but I'm never sure what to do at the gym and I'm very interested in learning about what muscles each exercise targets. I would love to see those types of videos on your fitness channel as well as your at home workouts. Also, do you have any suggestions for youtube channels that focus on weight training and the benefits it has for your body? Thank you so much! Love you Maddie!

  5. Hey, I just want to thank you so much for making really great workout videos so frequently. I really enjoy and love them! My respect and gratitude for your work and effort!!

    P.S.english isn't my native language so I hope that there aren't too many mistakes

  6. It's rly good! But plz try to put a few more seconds between each exercise, I keep falling behind because I'm not prepared for the next move.

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