1. good morning – Like this workout for getting me started back into some sort of regimen. The voice over though really cuts in and out A LOT – making it quite difficult to follow as you continuously have to be looking at the screen to follow the routine, therefor upsetting the flow. Would like to continue, any way it can be repaired? thanks for this

  2. I love this workout, Di! It’s really effective for my back pain & addresses my posture issue as well. I do this workout frequently. What happened to the soundtrack? The first times I did your workout your voice-over was continuous. For a few months now your instructions have cut out & in.

  3. Very clear instructions and examples. Easy on the neck. Great beginner's series. And the volume is good! I can hear her, unlike some others, where the volume of the voice is way too low!

  4. My lower back has been hurting a lot. Thanks for the beginner video. It was easy for me to do! I'll keep doing it, and maybe level up when I get stronger. 🙂

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