1. very clear and easy. I'm a man with diastasis recti just to the right side of rectus abdomini internal oblique, after and because of surgery for inguinal hernia. I'd like to avoid one more surgery. I'm living all the time with belly button in,also walking on the road. I look like crazy man, but diastasis is improving, slowly slowly. Thank you for your useful video

  2. More diastatis recti repair video please! I found these so helpful…and I'm 7 YEARS postpartum. My abs were unfortunately destroyed by pregnancy, and it makes me feel really self conscious. -Allison

  3. I gave this a go today. It was great! There were some exercises I hadn't tried yet. I agree, sometimes it feels so slow, but I can attest that slow and steady is the way to go. I did many of your workouts during pregnancy and have been integrating your DR workouts postpartum. My core still has a long way to go, but your workouts have made a huge difference, thank you! BTW, you look fantastic!

  4. Dear Amy, I`m a midwife and pelvic-floor-trainer from Germany and I like your videos very much! This one is really super after delivery. You make a great job!

  5. I used to watch your videos for when your pregnant just because to see ideas and now that i'm actually pregnant i can't wait to go back and do them all ☺

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