1. Gosh I'm 60 and I'm out of breath after the third set of exercises! But I really like your video and will see where I am in one month! I am about 45 kg overweight! So Thank you.

    Stephen Channon veteran
    Southampton England

  2. Can this workout be done everyday or should there be a "recovery day" in between….this question is for everyone but especially for women over 60? Loved the workout!

  3. I originally didn't like this workout, but after doing it three times, I've changed my tune. I love the addition of the balance segment. However, I'd never call it a full body workout without concentrating on abs at least once. Good job. Cheers! Sharing it on Facebook.

  4. I am SERIOUSLY impressed with this workout. It's very comprehensive and targets the entire body. I've been looking for a fast, effective workout cuz "I don't have time to exercise" is my go-to excuse for not doing it…so THIS is the answer for me. I just tried it for the first time with 5 lb weights. I'm strong so will probably go with heavier dumbells…maybe 8 lbs each. Can't WAIT to see how this transforms my 62 year old body.

  5. Holy crap. That kicked my ass. You made it look so easy I figured I'd give it a shot. I still can't catch my breath. I never was able to do the balance stuff. Kept falling over. I'll keep trying, if I survive right now.

  6. Doing this great workout 5 times a week, and I can SEE the difference in my arms and upper back. Please make a video only for the butt. Thank you!! 8/23/18

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