1. Brutal on the shoulders this! More workouts like this would be great. Especially shifting some lbs now to put them all back on again at Xmas with interest!

  2. Some work outs that are safe to do during pregnancy would be amazing. I exercised during both my pregnancies, and I honestly believe it had a really positive impact on my body during pregnancy, labour and post partum. So many women shy away from exercise during pregnancy, as they worry about it being safe, and what to do.

  3. this was great. I'm on cycle 3. Was going to work in the morning and had no time to do a complete circuit from the cycle. This one was perfect to get some exercise done and go to work without guilt! 🙂

  4. Who says you need to be jumping about running on the spot for a HIIT!!! Love this workout, love the exercises having no rest etc….more like these please Joe 👍🏼💪🏻😀

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