1. Ouch, so sweaty and my legs are on fire 🔥🔥 Now this is what I call a fun, challenging but not too hard workout. This was the perfect boost as I’m gonna move onto strength training now. Today will surely be fun! #FBFit2 Day 17 1/3 complete! 17.07.19

  2. Hell I don’t k ow if you answer questions but I’m trying to lose 25 pounds in the next and a half months is doing only this exercise and cutting 500 calories from my diet plus cutting out all really and foods like fast food and chips pop etc good enough for me to do that or do I have to add more to my workout I am 5’8 and weigh 195 want to be 165-170 range

  3. We want to use this video for a college course in Kinesiology at Santa Rosa Junior College. Would you please grant us permission to caption the video so it has punctuation and clear sentences? If you turn on Community Contributions in YouTube, we could add the better captions to these videos. Alternatively, we can send you a corrected caption file that you can upload in YouTube. One more option is to use a site such as Amara.org that will embed the video and give us an interface to overlay the video with the better caption file.

    All of these options leave the control in your hands. If you take down the video, it will no longer appear in the course, we will just be embedding from YouTube, not downloading the video.

  4. When you are dying and almost about to give up on life, and you hear beep 3 beep 2 beep 1 beep beep beep followed by "let those muscles relax", a new ray of hope enters life! Thank you @fitnessblender for such amazing workouts! 🙂

  5. Late to the party but I just did this. Ran out of breath 1 minute in but managed to mostly complete it. I may have taken a couple more breaks in there. I feel like these are evil Navy Seal punishment exercises. I'll do a few more sessions and see what happens.

  6. okay so i did this and first of all the minute long blank triggered me when it kept beeping but wasn’t over yet that wasn’t the best way to end it i feel like it should have been something standing

  7. Mon dieu toute cette torture pour à peine 185 calories:( ..
    En tt cas excellente vidéo merci coach !
    P.s.j'ai commencé le hiit il y a deux semaines mais j'ai pris du poids est-ce normal??

  8. Nice one. I do this almost every time I’m not in the gym and need a pump. It’s easy to follow and I don’t need to pause it and restart every time. Thank yoi

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