1. I'm so glad that i found your youtube workouts. they are fun and sensible. I like them so much I'm now a subscriber. Coach Kozak and Claudia may God continue to bless you and the HASFIT tribe. "LET'S ALL GRIND IT OUT!"

  2. KILLER!!! When you're not consistent weekly. MY Goal is to become Consistent 3 x wk!! Shouldn't be hard or difficult! I just don't put myself 1st or 2nd……rather last…..then my workouts or yoga doesn't get done. Thanks Coach's!

  3. The things I love about the two of you and this video: (1) low impact doesn’t mean easy but you give all sorts of ideas on how to tone it down if I need to, (2) short doesn’t mean skimpy – this is a FULL body work out with each move working multiple muscle groups, (3) your talk is encouraging and instructional, not blathering, (4) the camera work is perfect, no swinging views of your abs or close ups of your face, the whole time I can see what I need to be doing, (5) love being in your “tribe”, you make me feel welcome no matter how fit/capable I am – no judgement zone, super inclusive. Thank you so much for your great variety of times and targets video. This is the only exercise subscription I need! Keep up the excellent work. — a devoted subscriber 😁

  4. Thank you for your workout videos! I have been looking endlessliy for a good workout/fitness page. Your channel is exactly what I needed! You guys cover everything! Keep up the great work!

  5. I love the breathing reminders! I have always struggled with pacing my breath correctly with the move I am doing. It seems like it should be intuitive, but I get mixed up, and it helps so much to have you reminding me where I should be inhaling and exhaling when I've forgotten. Easy to follow workouts that make sense! Been following for a while, and I love your videos. Thanks, guys!

  6. Hi Coach Kozak and Claudia, just discovered your workouts today – fun and challenging! Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting fit with you two ( actually, three)

  7. You propably won't see this… BUT 😃😃😃 You guys keep me motivated… I started in January at 120 kg on the dot. Now I weigh 94 kg… I'm so proud of me.. sometimes it gets so hard to push yourself for yourself. But if I look at my before and after pics, buying FINALLY smaller clothes and feeling great it is all worth it. There is nothing wrong with being a plus size woman… but it is when you are not comfortable in your own skin. Feeling quilty eating fast food and stuff.. now it's just a celebration. I work in retail and I walk a lot!!! I swim once a week.. and try 2 times a week strenght and 1 time cardio… but my weight stays now at 94… Eating less and all.. do you have any tips??
    Anyway, greetings and much much love from The Netherlands… keep up this great work… you guys are amazing. I do believe you are game changers for beginners. 🤗

  8. I will be back! I’ve not been able to exercise for months due to hip issues. Well. MRI today and discovered a torn labrum. Ready to be well and work out again with HASfit.

  9. Congrats on the baby! Your workouts have really helped me…I could not want for even 3 minutes before I started and now I can walk briskly for 16 minutes. Other exercise vids are too hard and fast for me to follow,but yours are just right…Thank you.

  10. I haven't done this yet, paused video just to say that i LOVE that you guys do a preview of the workout! That is so helpful. I hate getting halfway through a video and then things get crazy or extreme & I wasnt prepared lol you guys are amazing. ok back to the workout

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