1. I been doing your workouts for months and see a amazing difference in body weight and strength and all in all feeling good, I have a question about my meals. I have been cooking boneless skinless chicken in a pan and was wondering your thoughts on boiling chicken. Ive done it once and it turned out great and cooked a lot faster but I also added a lot of chicken broth to it. Do you think boiling chicken is better then cooking it with olive oil?

  2. Just joined your home workout club Grant. Haven't look around to much but can't wait to explore all the other workouts you provide for members. I did download the diet plan, looks pretty simple but not to boring. I think my next 4 week goal will be to try your diet plan and the different workouts. I only dropped 2 pounds this month but I am at my goal I set when I started 3 months ago. Pretty sure I dropped around 25 pounds in the first 2 month, I think it was easy weight to lose considering I changed my diet and started working out for the first time in my life. Now Im just trying to burn this belly fat off. Hopefully a change in doing a different workout every night and changing my diet a little will help me get to my goal of losing that pesky belly fat and showing a little of my ab muscles.

  3. Just to keep you posted, another 4 weeks and dropped 10 pounds. Im hoping now my body has no where to take fat but from my belly. This workout with the 20 minute upper body workout and the 20 min. dumbbell workout and eating healthy I am defiantly noticing a change in my body and how I feel. So glad I found these workouts, and another Thanks to you Grant. I hope in the next 4 weeks or so my pesky belly fat will go away and maybe there are some muscles under that fat that have been hiding. I have one question Grant, what do you think about using whey?

  4. I have done this workout and a couple other 15 to 20 minute workouts for 4 weeks, 5 days a week right after work. They have all been Grants workouts, tonight was my first time checking my weight since I started. I did change my diet to eating healthy food, not crap like I use to eat. I am very happy to say I lost almost 15 pounds. I can't believe how well these workouts work!!! Thanks Grant!!! I still got some fat to lose and will continue to do these workouts and eat healthy and hopefully after another 4 weeks I can put more focus on dumbbell workouts to build muscle. The fat burning ones build muscle, but I just got some dumbbells and want to experiment with them as well as the bodyweight only videos. Thanks again Grant.

  5. What a great workout!! I've been doing it for a little over a week everyday after work and decided not to check for any weight loss until I have put a month in doing it 5 days a week. I hope to see some weight loss but after a week in a half I feel a lot better and it seems like my pants feel a tiny bit looser. finding this workout got me into working out. Now I spend a lot of time searching for healthy recipes and every night I can't wait to get home and see if I can keep up with Grant. Im usually a lot slower but make sure I do all the excerises correct. Except for lunge jumps I don't have the balance but I still try my best. Damm they burn!!!

  6. can someone please tell the name of the bench bihind him? the brand or something, I'm looking for it a long time. thanks, nice video ^^

  7. hi Grant,
    all the videos you shared are becoming easier from time to time. rest of my body is good but belly fat seems married to my body. les get them divorced pls. will you post smtg that won't hurt my spine but murders the belly fat brutally? tnx

  8. the best and lively fitness coach ever. i was jobless since the past 1 year and since i was lying around at home, i had completely lost shape. used to be a big hulky guy earlier. now, that i have got my new assignment, i am getting myself back in shape and i am surprised to get it done in leaps and bounds. i will be buying your pro-fitness programs with my first paycheck. i am a mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry in the middle east.

  9. i lost 50 pounds in 2 months with your program, and even better, now that I am in college, I can still do the workout even in the way over cramped dorms! your the best Grant and team, I wish I wasn't a broke college student, i would have bought your program months ago just to support you. Please keep it up, your videos are an inspiration.

  10. Not sure if people still watch this video but I've been running and doing this workout for about a month and a half with a regular cheating diet and have still lost 15 pounds. It's an awesome home workout

  11. Greetings Zeus!
    Thank you for this and all of your awesome videos. Out of every video I watched on youtube, you are really my favorite coach, by far!
    Not only do I use this Real Time workout every morning before work, I also combined many of your suggested excercises as my warm-up before I hit the gym.

    In fact, since your videos are so good, I posted them in a Fitness forum back here in Estonia.
    Hopefully this will help you get more attention and new clients which I believe you truly deserve!

    "Sweat flowing, muscle growing" Brother.
    Keep up the good work!

    Itˇs in Estonian, but hereˇs the link anyway:


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