1. The month of February is here!  Continue your New Year's Resolutions in training!  Continue to enjoy the training videos and the new ones recently launched as well!  Thank you for the positive comments……we will continue to motivate and challenge you daily!  Tip for this week:  Make sure you switch up the sizes of the kettle bells in order to increase you strength and endurance!  The body needs change in order to grow !  Cheers!

  2. i was morbidly obese now down to a svelte obese and i just got kettlebell and came across your wonderful videos. you voice is very clear, and easy to follow and i am just 70 with poor hearing.  i hope you make longer videos available and thank you for providing these great  free videos

  3. Another awesome video …..getting so much inspired and motivated everytime i see your videos …..i wanted to ask one thing that is it possible to get muscle definition and build an aesthetic physique using just kettlebells ???

  4. Oh this was perfect!  I had surgery back in November.  I got the clear to go for it!  I didn't just want to "jump" back into KBs like I was before.  I wanted to ease back in and this was PERFECT!   Excited for the other videos to come!

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