1. It's always a good day to kill a workout ♥︎
    1st part is only abs, 2nd part is abs & booty and the 3rd part is an ultimate booty burnout!!

    Tell me how you liked it 🙂

    xx Pamela



    Day 1: Which is Today Guys it was not easy, but I liked it & I’ll do it everyday except for Sunday because girl we all need rest so yea 🙂

  3. 30 days Challenge
    Day 1✅: 1st section was easy but the third was hella difficult and different first I can't get it but I did it…( July, 14)
    Day2✅: exhausted( july, 15)

  4. 1st day doing this. Not easy lol. I had to take a few breaks, but I got it done, and I feel great!! Gonna do this 4x a week. Hope I can get to the point where I don't have to pause it at all lol

  5. This workout is AMAZING!! Its really hard but after a while it gets easier. I feel great after any of Pamela's workouts – the results come quickly if you stick to it!!

  6. HI I'm going to update just bc I need to be commited somehow

    D A Y 1: I can do some of these without stopping but most of them I last like 5 to 10 seconds and then I stop 🙁 of course no physical difference

    D A Y 2:
    MY NECK HURTS, I'm not as sore on my tummy as I am on my neck haha i still perform th exercise the same but I have more energy.

  7. ive tried like every workout and im still not happy and patient with my body. im gonna force myself to stick with this everyday and hopefully before school starts im done a few sizes 😂

  8. I realy like your workouts so much. They just kill me every time. Just perfect! Does anybody tracked this workout with a fitness tracker? I´d like to know how much calories i burned during these exercises. Love to you Pamela <3

  9. I'm starting today with this workout and I will do this everyday combinated with jogging etc and maybe another workouts. But I don't change my food because its quiet okay from healthyness. I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED GUYS! Send me some motivation and strenght pleaaase, need it😥 I am fresh 15 , 1.63m high and my weigh is 54kg. I update u all and will tell you about the changes or if they will ever be some.

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