1. Just started back in the gym, I'm in my mid 60's and from the old school of working out traps. Shrugs & etc. I like the way this movement works, hope it's not to late to get a little growth. You have shown me in your video's, how to workout smarter not just harder.

  2. Great exercises !
    Just a suggestion – the second one can be done from horizontal pozition – e.g. on hyperextension bench , while keeping the body horizontal.
    And in Jeff's variant , when one reaches the highest point with hands, all the muscles are resting at this moment.

  3. Your complete explanation of how the muscle works and connects plus the attention to detail on the exercise techniques help me greatly understand the Why and How to maximize my training time. Thank you

  4. Any advice, pls comment.
    I introduced the 25lb overhead raise (only new thing) in a back workout. Next day i lifted a pack of papertowels awkwardly with one hand. Now i have a lot of pain in my left non dominent shoulder. Its really sharp and feeps like its under front delts. I can do lateral rasies no pain. Frknt raises causes pain. Someone told me i could have inflamed something in my shoulder and it is pinching my alnur nerve. Gave me so therapy advice and its gotten better but still a lot of pain. Any good adivice is much appreciated.

  5. Nothing like after aggressively training traps for months and the traps start to puff up under a shirt. I LOVE IT, i love that look. All day, 24/7 everyone can see this snake curled up under your shirt from behind. It's the ultimate look of power and athleticism

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