1. I'm super unfit and overweight and only managed to do 2 rounds before basically collapsing on the floor lol… but I'm still proud of myself for attempting it, and I will keep at it until the 20mins seem easy (: thank you Rachel for providing a simple yet efficient workout which also suits beginners! Makes we want to do more!

  2. I would love to see a slower video for us beginners or in my case very large lady trying to get this weight off but can’t move fast. I love the work out I just didn’t have much tome to move between each exercise especially getting up and down off the floor.

  3. Getting back into working out after several years having stopped.
    I’ve been working on flexibility for the last 4 months to ease my way into fitness again.

    This was my first full workout starting back up. The planks had me the most. Loved it! 🖤

  4. Really loved it! No confusing talking and perfect for full body, at least for me, because everyone is different. Next stop is one of your 20 minutes abs workout. I want my abs and core to burn. My goal is not to have a bikini body, i suffer from scoliosis and so i need stability.

  5. Hi Rachel, I have been watching your video for a long time and love your body shape. I have slip disc and wasting muscles from my legs.My upper body is much bigger then my lower body now my legs can’t take the weight.Im having so much pain on my legs.Please can you give me any advice on how to lose weight on upper body. Hope to hear from you soon.

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