1. I have been bodycoaching for 2 years now, and I have been doing this one the entire time. I have a few others – 15 and 20 minute that I do but always make sure I do this at least once a week. Good stuff.

  2. Gonna do this workout tomorrow. Its my first of your workouts. Ive been doing fitness on youtube for a while ans its great finsing your channel

  3. It's incredibly tough, but unless you've tried Insanity you don't know what tough really feels like. The Fast & Furious workout which is the same length as this is on a whole different level. I tried other workouts such as P90X3 and various j
    hit workouts on YouTube, but there is a reason Insanity is called Insanity.

  4. 6 weeks postpartum today and back on the Bodycoach HIIT workouts. This one was a favourite of mine pre pregnancy but I see you have so many new uploads to try which is great. Will stick to this one for now to wean myself in. Forgotten how hard burpees and press ups are 😁

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