1. This is just my own personal feedback, but the hardest thing I found about this routine wasn’t the HIIT but getting through it with a coach that was openly struggling the whole way through and pre empting the viewer dying too. I personally need a trainer that motivates me, otherwise I find it harder! There was about 80% negative psychology in there with about 20% positive. I don’t mind a coach struggling but maybe not as much as in this video as I need to be motivated through fitness. I don’t really follow you so I’m assuming this is your style and thing! But there you go. I know some people love it, but it’s not for me!

  2. Oh man this one was a tuff one, was about to give up after the 3rd set but kept going and powered through it💪🏻 Thanks for the great workouts, make me feel like I have a workout buddy

  3. Hey , this is my first workout with you, it is a great one! Perhaps you mentioned your reasons before in another vid. But why not put a 1 minute active rest in between for yourself and the viewers, a bit of active rest won't negate the positive effects (of course in my humble opinion). Also I was taught not to crouch down when catching your breath but keeping my chest open and high up… Thanks anyways for the great and fun workout.

  4. I’ve just put my 11 month old and 4 year old to bed and completed this work. I struggled but got through and feel so good for doing it. Love that you shown you struggled too it deffo made me feel better.

  5. Hubby found you on an article he read, so he suggested that I give it a try to switch between my normal guy with you. First time and I had to pause a couple of times to catch my breath. So between my weightlifting and you, I don’t think I can be bored. Thanks!

  6. Just done this workout today as a little break from my normal boring routine…..and its destroyed my soul 😂😂

    I will definitely be switching up my daily routines now though and adding more of Joe's HIIT sessions…..tough as nails but really enjoyed it too 💪

  7. Any chance you can write in the description what exercises are in each video? Helpful for those of who are searching through videos and trying to find suitable exercises. thanks!

  8. I’ve been doing the body coach workout vids on YouTube now since October 2018. This is by far the hardest one I have done!!! I had to pause it about 4 times. I have had 2 weeks off and wanted a challenge OH MY G O D this was tough. I didn’t quit though I really wanted to after the 3rd round but I stuck with it and I feel amazing now. Definitely a K I L L E R

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