1. The Motivation is REAL.. keeps me going………. so you two are making a huge impact in my quest for fitness… hope that motivates you to keep the videos coming….. need more in rotation!!!

  2. This is the second HIIT video do yours I’ve done. I really enjoy them and I’m so thankful you guys put them on YouTube so broke, out of shape, home bound people like me can do them. I have been about 50 lbs overweight for several months now. But thanks to healthier eating habits and doing some YouTube workouts, you guys obviously included, I’ve begun to lose it. 5 pounds off, 45 more to go!

  3. I remember doing this 2-3 years ago, short and overweight. I did this today because cutting season and about the and now I’m about the same weight when I started minus the fat and all replaced by muscle. it don’t matter how strong you are, you will die doing this.

  4. hey coach, by doing your hiit workouts and other stuffs, i've lost about 13-17pounds after 2months of working out and eating clean. been doing your workouts since 2014. and my body fat % is down to 11% from 16% 😀 thank you so much coach!

  5. Hey very helpful, creative and fun workout! I was wondering how the calorie count system works. I am 180 lbs and 15 yrs old, and I do the harder version in every one of your workouts. Do i automatically think I burn the maximum calories?

  6. Didn't think any of these workout channels would be of use to me. But damnnn the format of these are great. The two people doing different variations is helpful. Great stuff keep it up

  7. Does anyone wanna suggest, or @HASfit, which one of their videos, or workouts are the most intense? I have been doing the one September 21, 2016 with 600k views, and it is getting too easy. Any suggestions which ones are more intense? Should I just go back to the beggining of the video and do it double amount of times?

  8. I know the less intense version of the workout is going to burn less calories while the more intense one burns more calories. I'm wondering, however, since men and women burn calories differently (men burn more than women doing the same workout), how many would she have burned had she done the more intense workout? She burned less because she did the "easier" workout, but how many would she have burned doing the same workout as Coach K? By the way, this video is great! Thanks!

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