1. Lovey Banh Jeff Bezos $4 trillion Chinese wife 3103469164. Lovey Banh I love Casey Ho. She is adorable. she is so skinny. I love her clothes. She is so Beautiful & cheerful.

  2. I am planning to start this workout tomorrow, I already feel like I am going to die but cant wait! Cassey seems to be really motivating!

  3. Hai everyone ! I want to share my experience with this workout and my routine !

    FIRST: THANK YOU ! I can see my inner thighs getting wayyyy thinner in just 3 days, plus my whole legs got so much thinner.

    But first, this worked very fast for me because I am already thin. And I just wanted to be a bit thinner because I am 170, and weight 49/50 kg. But my buttocks is a bit larger than my whole body, so I got a really small upper body, legs but hips a bit bigger.

    WAIST: 24
    Hips: 35

    And I just wanted to look thinner at the bottom so it complete my slim figure.

    I usually have a really healthy diet already. But also me, I eat very little ( I don't know its just how I am ) Plus I don't like meat. ( it's very about taste not any strict restriction ) so yeah. I did this workout 4 days already + Emi Wong Muffin top work out ( I dont have a muffin top, so for me It helps to reduce the hips ) And I can tell a huge difference in just 4 days. My whole body got smaller, especially legs, when I sit the thigh are still slim not all big ( because when you sit, the fat kinda lay down and you see them big xD ) but this time its all small, and my thigh gap got even bigger ( it was already kinda big ) so yeah ! So thanks to that, I just feel way better about myself while wearing leggings or short ! Thanks !! If you ant any tips or help I am here ! ( btw I am just 17 so I am not prooooo )

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