1. Hi Ruth, I would like to sincerely thank you uploading this vid! I have been looking for an exercise as perfect as this one (but not slow as yoga does). Ive seen this advertised on TV but Im not ready to “buy” to get access of those either. A bunch of thanks!

  2. I have been meaning to comment on this for a while. I have been watching this one video every day for nearly 2 months. I am a size 14-16. I found this video super helpful while getting back into fitness and really embracing loving my body. The results from putting this video into practice have been very visible. I have toned up my sides and really exposing the amazing hourglass shape that I have. I have found so much more confidence in wearing sleeveless tops. My back folds have become less noticeable and my arms have appeared to tone up. I have not recorded any weight loss but I am very pleased with the toning results. I do love the affirmation statement in this video – "I love my strong legs". I end up adding my own through out the video depending on the part of the body you are giving me direction to work. I wish at the end during the stretches you gave a bit more space for me to have my own gratitude statement. I do say my own when I complete the work out. I appreciate this work out and the modifications that you provide and I have in the nearly 2 months changed my modifications as my abilities increase. I am a person of habit and so sadly have not looked at the rest of your videos as I have enjoyed this one and have even memorized every word… oh its threatening to rain… Funny enough I don't watch the video in length because I get involved in the work out and listen to your words guiding me and look up if I have posture questions so I am still after 2 months don't know when Snickers actually walks away. At the end when I am closing the screen I think… oh where is Snickers now? Anyways… long winded but I am grateful for this video and the help you have given me.

  3. TYSVM for this vid I don't have a DVD player so this is really helpful & nice hawbd I've lost 50 pounds I was 205 now 155 I have 15 pounds to go to be at 140 I'm 5'3" according to BMI.I lost this weight by taking SlimQuick Regular Strength & changing my diet.I eat 1200 calories a day.I lost this weight w/o exercise & NO side affects.This is a miracle diet pill for me b/c I've struggled most of my life with weight.I'm 45 & I'm just starting to feel great.I eat Smart Ones,Healthy Choice,& SlimQuick Shake vanilla b/c I can flavor it w/water enhancers like Vanilla Java tastes just like a Wendy's frosty but better & I add 2 Tablespoons fat free cool whip.I have also bought Sugar free anything,fat free/low in fat.I tried Atkins HORRIBLE.I also tried Nutrisystem LOVE all their food that's another thing I've added to my grocery list.Aunt Millies bread 35 calories per slice I can make a grilled cheese for 100 calories I could have 2 if I want but 1 really is filling.I use butter spray alot.Also Imperial I have found is the lowest in calories & tastes really good.I also joined http://www.myfitnesspal.com to track my calories.Anyone whom is struggling with diets & no luck I even tried Slim Fast no success NOT like SlimQuick.Just thought I'd share with you.Again tysvm for this vid.

  4. This is great. Great to add as an addition to your routine. We also add Misty Tripoli Body Groove. It's fun!! Canceled my Beachbody on Demand. I loved it, but found other things that interested me on YouTube.

  5. Great video. I just found this video and as someone who frequents my local gym several days a week, this is by far a great kick butt addition to my weekly workout regimen. Thank you👌👌

  6. Hi Ruth total beautiful and amazing and inspiring stretch video Ruth please please do more videos Ruth could you please do a video with inversions inverted bicycle and scissors in the air and feet and thanks Ruth for shareing your awsome Ruth and you rock

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