1. Just some constructive criticism. Your elbows being so flared out when bench pressing can put undue pressure on your shoulders and could result an injury in the future. Narrowing your grip and keeping your elbows closer to your body will be a much healthier position for bench pressing

  2. I just Saw an interview with some bodybuilder/Dr. In something or other that full body workouts are better any Way. And they help one stay consistant. I dont remember his name but theres definitely research showing full body workouts Can be better that a split program

  3. I love how honest your vids are. You do you and thats a page i need to take from your book. Seeing a regular dude get things done and make things happen, as SIMPLE as it sounds, is a BIG motivation. Thanks Drew! Keep it up 💪🏻

  4. Hey Drew glad you have decided to start working out!
    I think that full body rutines are the best way to start, but I'd recommend to do it every 2 days in order to give some rest time to your body.

  5. Long time viewer here, but I rarely comment on youtube. I must say – bravo, Drew! Just stick to it. IMO exercising is crucial for you to stay healthy and strong, not only physically but also mentally. I started doing calisthenics (body weight training) in May 2018, because I lost so many kilograms due to the stressful situations in my life and feel weaker by every week. First few training sessions were pretty hard, but after some time you get used to it and in fact you find enjoyment in what you do. Now I just can't imagine my life without exercising. My weight has also stabilized and I am no more just skin and bones. Hope you'll also become the stronger version of yourself my brother. Best regards.

  6. I started a work out routine about a month ago as well. Like you, I need motivation to get started, but once I’m committed, I’m all in…and then become “obsessed.” I’m crunched for time so my schedule is full body workout MWF then HIIT cardio TTS then Sunday rest. Sometimes take whole weekend to rest as I’ve learned muscle recovery is key. Thanks Drew for keeping me motivated brother!

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