1. Omg!! I’m not the only one who has those dreams! I had one where my husband got punched by a bear and I flew away and it was chasing me in the air while I was laughing about my husband getting knocked out. He didn’t appreciate it when I told him in the morning 😂

  2. hi! I'm from Argentina and that "tea straw", here, it's a "bombilla" and it's only for drink "mate" (it's like tea, but you have to put a lot, i mean, A LOT of "yerba" (the leaves) in a cup)
    I never thought that "bombilla" it can be used for tea sincerely, "mate" it can be similar in taste with tea, but it's really different the way you drink.
    It's soooo weird for me to see you with a "bombilla".
    May be you should try "mate" may be you'll like it. If you found "yerba" (from argentina or uruguay) you could, you already have all the necessary equipment and there is plenty tutorials in youtube lol

  3. Unfortuantly I sprained my ankle at the gym and can’t work out for about a week, would you advise I change my macros due to me not being active? Or should I try more upper body exercise for this week? Any advice will be great! X

  4. I always have such mixed feelings about when people complain about water purity in the US. Like on the one hand, things like metals (lead mostly) can get into the water through old pipes and yes, most places in the US don't have any way to filter out things like hormones. From what I remember when I was studying water remediation in college birth control is one of the most found prescription medicine in water supplies. But other the hand, the water in the US is some of the most safe water in the world. I mean even when I was in the UK I couldn't drink the water in the dorms due to lead exposure ( not just me being sensitive, we were briefed on not drinking it and there were signs). So yeah. I dunno, drink the water, you'll probably be fine.

  5. Hi Marisa, do you wear the ring training? I have thought of getting one, but am worried that the ring will get damaged/get in the way of lifting? Also. If you don't wear it, how does it track your readiness score? Thank you!

  6. After watching you roll that shoe up and talk about the connection our feet have to our lifts I decided to hit my rack pulls barefoot (well, in my socks) and felt so much more comfortable and had SUCH good mind/muscle connection!! I love your videos so much.

  7. Really random question, I'm getting into lifting and for some reason anytime I lift a weight over my head I go on my tip toes 😂 I'm trying to be more mindful to stop but is there any reason why I might be doing this or am I just a weirdo?

  8. Finally! Someone else who loved Sex Education. It was such a good show! And Doctor Who is my absolute favorite!!! Love your videos, thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions 🙂

  9. You made me super interested in the Oura ring, and I have to say I had no idea it was a Finnish product. They don't advertise it at all here. I'm kinda hyped to save money for it now though, your review of it seemed so good :O

  10. Hey, can I have 2 questions?
    1. How to start cutting  after reverse? How long should I be on my maintenance  before I start cutting? Should I change my activity level/type? I weightlift  4xweek, no cardio.
    2. Is it important how often we eat as long as we get all the kcal and macronutrients throughout the day? I am not diabetics, nor have I any restrictions according to my health. A normal healthy person. Can I eat like every one hour or is it too often and there is sonething wrong going on in my body?
    Thank you!❤
    Ps: I always wait for your video with impatience  😁

  11. How do you use your collagen powder? I find when I add the vital protein powder to water it clumps up and gives it a funky taste, and adding it to anything that's not a broth creates a weird texture… I enjoy using it, I think it adds some healthy kickbacks, but I'm probably gonna get the drink-friendly version of it next time to go along with the "unflavored" stuff.

  12. I forgot you were a Whovian and when you mentioned your dream, I was very very happy!! 😀 You are one of my favourite youtubers, and such an inspiration. I enjoy the fact that you go into the science of things so much, it is a treat. You are wonderful <3

  13. I know that your body adapts fast to cardio so if I am walking 10,000 steps a day and my fitness tracker says I'm burning like 400 calories through the day how accurate is that?

  14. Mind Pump is pretty amazing. I just purchased the Starters program over the weekend. I have been struggling beyond belief to get a solid foundation in resistance training and have just been so overwhelmed. I've seen you mention Mind Pump more than once, so I went looking on the website and happened upon the Starters program. I basically took a gamble and purchased it. I'm glad I did! I began it this morning and felt like it was challenging, but not overwhelming. The problem I've found with a lot of "beginners" programs is they're either waaaaay too easy (weird as it sounds coming from someone who just said they are trying to build a foundation), way too hard, or they go from 0 to 100 real fast. I was following a program that went from doing a push up on your knees to an explosive push up (you know the ones where you push yourself hard enough that you pick your hands up) in a span of a week and a half.Yeah, that's not happening for me. So I'm so glad I found this channel for all your tips and recommendations!

  15. I use the WithinUs marine collagen, they test for heavy metals! It’s pretty expensive and a Canadian brand, but I’m worth it lol!! 😛

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