1. Whew 😓…. I think my heart jumped out of my chest! I just started today on my weight loss journey and I could only do 15 mins this time. I wanted a walk in place workout I could do at home when I'm not able to actually go out to walk. This was perfect👍🏽 Thank you!

  2. You're so cute and I love your energy… but can I offer you some advice…. do you have to squeeze yourself in that corner? I tried your workout but kept feeling claustrophobic seeing you in that corner…

  3. I enjoyed this walking workout; normally opt for my Walk Away the Lbs, but this was a nice change of pace; great music, awesome energy, and nice feel-good sweat! (5/7/19)

  4. I just discovered your channel and am already loving it! I love walking workouts and the popular music that you use makes all the difference! It makes the workouts so much fun. Please keep making these type of walking workouts.

  5. im 70 and have been losing some weight .i found this video and i can manage this just but my first time and recon i can keep going with this only managed 20 mins but thats a start so thanks very much as so many of them i cant keep up with or to complicated

  6. I’m glad I found your channel…. particularly enjoyed following this workout …. it’s just challenging enough for me! Many thanks !

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