1. I love the stock answers from the athletes… Reminds me of Bull Durham (and still so true) "This is a simple game. You through the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball and the good Lord willing… Things will work out."

  2. Sam the Engine that couldn't shoot. But hot damn, she got so pissed that she almost ripped that poor Ski-Erg to shreds at the end. Unreal – love her.

  3. Trt/Test, Hgh, and Epo are the choice of these people. Remember even if they are drug tested does not mean they are all drug free. Crossfit does not do panel work on all athletes before the games.

  4. Got me pumped at 52 years old Rogue. Great job by all and thank you. I cant wait for the day this on major networks as a normal sporting event!

  5. This entire invitational was a master class in how these should be done. New events, bringing out the strongman competitors, bringing in an Olympian versed in one of the new events, the judges, the commentators, the cameramen, and the caliber of athletes were nothing short of spectacular! And I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved the Legends category showing everyone that fitness is for life. Thank you everyone at Rogue.

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