1. That was a fun workout. It was challenging but flew by. Thank you Julia!! I love this series, but it is similar to the Patreon one and I LOVED that one also!! Thank you so much!

  2. That was a really cool workout. I really liked how you switched up the hiit halfway through. That really made is way better. I knew something was up when I looked at the time bar and it seemed like there was too much time left – thats bc of the hiit surprise that you snuck in there!! Thanks for yet another great and super challenging workout!!

  3. Average HR: 132, Peak HR: 164, Time: 58 mins, Total Cals: 745. This one was super fun and sweaty with a great format, especially the surprise towards the end which put this format OTT in the best way. Really great, loved it – thanks!

    To help translate my Average HR to give you a sense of the workout: 110s is what I get from a mostly upper-body workout, 120s is full body with some cardio, 130-134 is heavy weights and cardio (or a 120s-type workout with a weighted vest), 135 and above is totally dying the whole time :).

    Since different body sizes will generate different calorie burn, I included my Average HR so you can guesstimate your own potential calorie burn for this workout. Just plug in your gender/height/weight stats with my Average HR and Time into this calculator for a rough idea: http://www.shapesense.com/fitness-exercise/calculators/heart-rate-based-calorie-burn-calculator.shtml

  4. Dear Julia, I know you are very fit but would suggest you to do similar workouts for beginners
    .maybe graded ones from easy to intermediate… bodyweight and then incorporating weights

  5. Hi Julia, I've been doing your work outs for a few years now and really enjoy them and always look forward to your uploads. I want to ask do you take/ would you recommend a supplement or drink to have before your workouts? I always exercise first thing in the morning (in a 'fasted' state) so feel I need something to get me going especially if I am going to be doing a longer session with heavy weights. And do you just have water during your workouts or would you recommend an energy drink or something else to maintain the stamina especially during sessions with heavy weights. Thanks Julia.

  6. That went by fast! My core really burned on those ball squeezes. Clearly there's always room for improvement 😉 I feel the surprise really rounded out the whole workout. Wasn't expecting it hehe

  7. I was struggling a bit for the strength HIIT but that surprirse HIIT really kicked my butt!!! Thanks! and another workout where it was impossible for me to wear my weighted vest!! Awesome workout and never boring!!!

  8. I LOVED this workout! It made my day to see a new video uploaded in my subscription box this morning! You continually motivate me every week and I enjoy ALL of your workouts! Keep me coming!

  9. Oh thank you thank you thank you for such a fun and challenging workout! Loved this format, please do more like this. Loved the surprise 🙂 I did a 20 minutes warm up workout by Shelly and then I did this and burned 672 calories. <3 xxx

  10. Hello Julia! I haven't done your full body workouts in a while. I usually do your upper or lower body ones. Today I decided to give a go! This was absolutely brutal… from start to end. Took me 10 extra mins to finish!

    It was a bit of a mental challenge too as each section was so brutal.

    Killer killer format. Quads and legs on fire! Those compound strength moves burned my legs more!

    Already SET 1: 5×5 with HIIT #1 was a leg killer. Legs burned so much!

    I could not do box jumps after pistol rollbacks and quadzilla burpees! Legs so tired! Did tuck jumps instead!

    The second half had more upper body strength moves but still leg killer!

    And you sprung that surprise on us near the end! … that wiped me out!

    The core burnout using the stability ball was so brutal… core on fire!

    Pistol rollbacks, handstands, and all kinds of pushups are always my favorites!
    So many more favorite moves!

    So many leg burning moves! Tops are:

    1. SA Front load squat

    2. Quadzillas Burpee

    3. Frog pushup bear shoulder tap

    4. Front load split lunges

    5. Rev Lunge SA snatch

    6. Increasing plank hops and kB squat jumps

    Whole body so so tired.

    Although I cannot lift as heavy or go as fast as you, thank you so so much for always challenging and inspiring us!

    You are so amazing Julia! Have a blessed day! 🙂

  11. good morning everyone, what a great workout, loved the format, loved all the moves. my heart was pumping. my abs are feeling it.
    thank you for this GREAT workout, I got my adjustable kettbell over the weekend. I'm loving it. thank you titan fitness. have a great day everyone, keep training and smiling 👊🏋️‍♀️🦋🏋️‍♀️♥️👍🦋♥️😎♥️🏋️‍♀️

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