1. Thanks man, just saw this, did a few of the things, I'm 13 and I just want to wonder what would a good weight of a dumbell for me be, please reply thanks. I've only started getting into this recently because recently I've been really fit.

  2. +Vince Del Monte Thank you for putting this together. I find this is a deceptively challenging workout (owing to the emphasis on form, control, and constant isometric tension), and — as a busy father of a young son — I love that this doesn't take a lot of time. What would you recommend as the optimal number of times to do this per week? Also, any rough/ready nutrition recommendations — protein intake etc — to go along with this as one's primary weight lifting regimen?

  3. Hi Vince. In live large are you going to upload anymore dumbell workouts like above. This workout is perfect for me. My gym is always crowded and thr cables and benches are usually unavailable. Thank you Vince:)

  4. Hi Vince. What exercises do you recommend for lower back. Specifically for strengthening the coccyx muscles. I've always found that to be my weakest link and what prevents me going heavy. It also causes injury risk as well. Thank you Vince. I'm learning more from you about this topic than anyone else.

  5. This is exactly the way to go.  I have watched friends lift too much, too often, and now they have painful joints. Some can no longer lift at all.  I am 68 years old and still lifting following advice like what is in this video. The way I figure it, you can lift stupid, or smart like you are teaching.  Keep up the great work!

  6. Great video Vince. Scott Sonnon uses a similar approach but works on different planes of motion. Very challenging. Thanks for sharing this and it would be great to see more workouts like this. Many bodybuilding workouts take hours to go thru so if you're super busy like me you just don't get the time. 21-30 minutes is fantastic. Have a great day Vinve and thanks again😊

  7. Hey Vince! thanks a lot, this is "my kind of approach" to weight lifting. It's really brave of you that you use extra light weights, because some "experts" will try to take out their inseurities on you using "light weights"….instead of trying to follow your instructions…heavy weights have caused me injuries and limited results…and as a matter of fact, this ia a lot harder!!! there is contant tension there..a whole new experiance in bodybuilding!!…i do 3sets, and i need 48-72 hours between workouts…would you recommend changing the routine like after 4-8 weeks or from training to training? thank you so much!

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