1. I have already been doing some of these. I love ❤️ dumbbells 💪. I am tall and handstands are not my thing. Tried ever since junior high. The short girls was killing it. Anyway, I had a great week at the gym. A woman that I’ve seen at the gym since I started a year ago, told me I looked great and that I was buff. We women can be very competitive, so that was definitely a nice compliment from her. I got more work to do, but I know my physique is more defined and I have kept that 10 pounds off. I wear my earbuds ALL the time at the gym to maintain my focus and put in the WORK. My body is really enjoying the routine. Thanks for the upload!!!

  2. Another awesome video, thank you 😙 will you be doing one for the back as I've incorporated a lot of your latest workouts into mine

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