1. I just found this today, and I love it. I lose weight before at your video but I stopped cause I got distracted from other things.. and now I wanted to come back and this video its big help for my over weight body. hopefully their is more low impact moves to giving different variety everyday to do.. I love your videos so much AMY! God Bless to you and your family..you have cutties babies

  2. I keep coming back here almost every day!! LOVE IT! Greatly structured routine, not overwhelming (not crazy or cheesy), yet very impactful work out. Low intensity, gentle on your knee joints and low back, which are my key problems. But I sweat and get that heart pumping for real, I can see results showing gradually. Thank you Amy for this video, your amazing advise and making us feel not intimidated or overwhelmed, yet helping us to concentrate on the good work and body wellness!

  3. Really good low impact one. I've got a bad sleeper at home too, I feel your pain…3 years into it! Thanks for the workout! Keep em coming!

  4. I am a guy and I did this I am sweating my butt off the workout was simple to follow but I could still go at my own pace

  5. I need low impact cardio because of bad knees and a torn rotator cuff. i usually do HIIT on treadmill and elliptical at the gym. This workout BUSTED MY BUTT! I was done at 20 mins. Luv you work Amy. Keep it up.

  6. This was one of the best low impact workouts that I have done … I am not a beginner and found that this offers the opportunity to work at my own level while still following your excellent routine … always looking for standing work that keeps the heart pumping .. thank you 😊

  7. Thanks for providing such great workouts, Amy! Also, I SO appreciate how you always encourage us by telling us that we "showed up." Sometimes, I feel like that's more than half the battle – to get to and make time for the workout. When I look in the mirror or feel less than good about my current physique, it's really reassuring to hear you say that. It reinforces what I'm doing, and it stops the negative thoughts about how I'm struggling with the exercise or how much further I have to go to get to my goals. Because it lets me know that I'm one step closer than I was before I started, and that's exactly what I need to hear. Thank you.

  8. This is great! I've tried a few HIIT videos and haven't been a fan because I always felt like body form was jeopardized. You had such a great consideration for form, different situations, and still provided a sweaty workout. Thank you so much!

  9. One of the very few workouts I've found that follows through on the high intensity/LOW IMPACT promise. I'll definitely come back to this one.

  10. Thank you so much Amy, I am just returning to exercise following a calf tear and I need to start gently – this was perfect, no pain in my calf and I still feel sweaty. Thank you very much xx

  11. I added two pound weights. This is a great way to wake up in the morning. It's so true what you said about working out to have energy instead of finding the energy to work out.

  12. AMY!!! I LOVE this workout! I recently have learned I have to protect my knees or I will suffer , this was perfection and even though low impact, we can amp it up or take it easy! I killed it and am sweaty!!!!! I just love you!!!!!

  13. WOWIE WOWIE! Even with this being low-impact, I has huffin' & puffin' the whole way through–Great Cardio without jumping around. I was careful doing the punches because of an elbow injury, but I felt the work in my core regardless. Thanks so much Amy! You look GREAT 5 months post partum!! XO-S

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