1. Your such a busy body. It’s not spring break there? Your the second person I heard say there child is still in school.
    Any woo. I’m only on day 2 and im starving. But I’m not quitting. You did great. Kutgw. Keep posting and have a good one.

  2. Good luck with the next phase, I am on day 4 of OMAD and have adapted really well, inhave family to feed but I 'm staying in track so far.

  3. Congratulations on your 72 hour fasting completion and You did awesome with your refeed. 👍🏾Great job! I'm so proud of you!!!!! I can barely believe what I'm about to say but I made it through! I'm still fasting actually but I went to the grocery store to get a few items for the refeed. I already had bone broth, cauliflower and nuts so I could have broke my fast but I want to see if I can complete day 4 with a dry fast then break my fast because I feel heavy with all the water drinking but my output was also higher so I don't know why I feel heavy. Moving forward I'm going to try not to buy chips for awhile or eat any added sugars in my choice of food items. I'm not sure how much I'm down. I decided to only weigh at the beginning so I'm not obsessing over the scale number. Two of my reasons for joining the fast was to reset my thought process and my motivation. It's definitely reset. LOL

  4. I drove around pretty much all day yesterday in rush hour traffic to while at work. And I had a terrible headache but I was determined not to let that make me not finish we finish strong thanks again for the motivation and a push to do it.
    My plan on what I'm going to do and my results are in my last two videos

  5. WTG Mieka! I'm proud of you.. You really had a lot going on.. Thinking of your family.
    I didn't make it! I broke my fast after one day.. I feel like a failure.

  6. I am 85 hours in my fast I’m going to try to keep going I have only lost 5 pounds(water)and I am not in ketosis on my pee strip Have a awesome day.

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