1. Two things stand out to me in this video. One, the swimmer has a really high head position, especially when coming off the wall. Two, in his flutter kick, his ankles are flexed slightly on the down stroke.

  2. Sorry i get it but these are all just features of the freestyle that you learn as basics to freestyle such as how to direct your hand through the surface and where in line with your shoulders and what to do with your feet
    But i guess people forget a certien bit

  3. You could have chosen a better swimmer for the demo. This one is obviously a beginner and has a lot of flaws in his stroke besides those 3 mentioned in the video. That head and body positions are just poor. And it surely affects all the other aspects of good form.

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  5. Fantastic lesson. I'm 38 and just getting into swimming due to wanting to enter a small triathlon. I was making a lot of effort when front crawling and not actually getting any spread(my wife was kicking my backside). I watched this video and all though I'm far from good, I'm actually swimming much more efficient and getting more spead(beating my wife). I'm now just struggling with the breathing technique when crawling.

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