1. Hey what's going on bro… I've started my own channel and would like your criticism of it.. It's my weight loss journey… The channel is called humblemanjay.. Please check me out..

  2. Great video rob… this video is helpful cause I dnt like working out more den a hour niether so good tips on how to reset my mind when I'm bored while working out…BRIX SQUAD

  3. Hey man I asked every YouTuber to do video on how I can do food schedule that close my need from macros and calorie and I love your videos you heaped me a lot 💪💪💪

  4. It's really hard to get fit being a 3rd shifter. My breakfast is everyone elses between lunch and dinner. I am full before dinner with my Family. Good channel you have here though!

  5. https://youtu.be/aeS2wCSFvKI

    Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT or FasterEFT technique has never let me down on getting peaceful total control over my emotions, thoughts, attitude and mind.

    I know it sounds a bit wierd but this new techniques are free, easy, available and very effective.

    It won't work if you don't do it.

  6. I read a lot of conflicting information online regarding low card and low fat diets for weight loss. What's the truth here? Low carb v low fat… which is more effective? What should my macro percentages be?

  7. Bruh………

    I dont eat vegetables so I only juice and add vegetable, and hit the wheatgrass shots. I do some fasting when so i dont really have to worry about what I eat

  8. for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE

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