1. WOMEN SHOULDN’T BUILD THEIR TRAPS OR OBLIQUES?!?!? Women need a balanced physique just as much as men do. Ignoring a muscle group can lead to instability and injury. Athlean-X/XX could you please stop being so misogynistic?

  2. Just an idea, if you're going to tell folks what not to do, be sure to show them an alternative or they'll look elsewhere to get fitness advice. I know enough not to do behind the neck presses but others may not. Even when you say not to do them, if given no alternative many will continue to do so. Partial information can be as dangerous as misinformation or none at all.

  3. This is one of the main reasons I don't like watching videos specifically for women, they're so full of bullshit.. 'bulky'? give me a break… this is a huge misconception! WOMEN DO NOT GET BULKY. I lift heavy and I'm nowhere near bulky because I don't have enough testosterone and Im not eating 10 0000 calories a day, you need a very specific training and nutrition plan to get 'bulky' or you need steroids. 
    Since when are muscles exclusive for men? you have muscles and you don't look manly… 
    also, shoulder press is totally fine if you don't do them behind the neck, I've been doing them for a  while and I love how my shoulders look. 
    why are traps not 'womanly'? what is that supposed to mean?

    Anyways, I love muscles.
    I hate to see how, specially women, focus so much on the aesthetic part of training and avoid some exercises just because they don't wanna develop some muscles, fitness is supposed to be fun! train to be strong, to challenge yourself! not just to get a big butt and a flat belly.

  4. Why don't I want bigger muscles? What's so unfeminine about being stacked? I can see why you don't want to damage yourself but unless your taking steroids you are not going to get massive if you are a women.

    Even women who are doing max weights and eating 4-5000 calories on training days aren't massive and don't tend to looked ripped unless they are cutting.

    This is why I tend to watch men's stuff more.

  5. Are you kidding me? Talk about gender stereotypes. "It's not a womanly muscle group" is not valid argument to avoid working traps. I don't specifically target my traps because they get worked as a secondary muscle in several exercises I do. I don't like her premise.

  6. Wow, what's your problem people? First of all, it IS an overhead press and she doesn't have to mention anterior or posterior–you can see which one is bad for you –she's demonstrating it for you, right? She is concerned about forward head which is a very common problem in rehab. Also, if you have any neck issues: pinched nerves, arthritis, or disc concerns–just don't do them else cause more cervical compression.

    Bent over loaded rotation is terrible for the back–look at that lever arm on the weight. Most women have lumbar issues due to hip width, lordosis, and poor posture–number one complaint among all rehab clients. That move is a future injury waiting to happen. I'm glad she mentioned it.

    You want to do shoulder raises–knock yourselves out. You have neck issues–add 'em to your routine. Very few people (esp. your average woman) doesn't need to strengthen upper traps. You want to strengthen traps–look up mid and lower fibers of traps.

    You have a question–look it up. Don't put people down for trying. Nothing she said puts you in any harm.

  7. I've always found your videos informative. However, I feel like the comments in this video were uncalled for. I'm bothered by your take on a "womanly" body. Exercising should be about creating a healthy lifestyle, and empowering women to love their bodies. I understand the concerns for having proper form, and eliminating certain movements that could risk injury. But it feels so, so wrong to hear the implication that a wider waist and larger traps makes anyone look like less of a woman. If women enjoy certain exercises that may target traps and obliques, who are you to discourage them from performing them, just so they can fit in with the societal standards of a "womanly" body?

  8. Im just taken back and i dont mean this rudley but this has to. Be such a wrong video as for as what not to do there nothing that will make a women bulky it calorie in vs calories out and training isnt one size fits all ya know other wise all u other video are great

  9. Womanly? Big obliques? No traps? Women getting bulky? Please, woman. Do some better research. Talk about some BS. I do all these and I've never been any where near "bulky" except for when I've been overweight and have shown zero signs of getting there.

  10. I've never seen or done any of these exercises. Variations of them, yes and I do them, shoulder presses are my favorite. I also do weighted twists but not bent over, to strengthen my core.

  11. I do Shrugs once is a while. I love how good it feels. I do overhead press but in front. I love it. The twist really doesn't look good for anyone lol. BTW, women will not get bulky unless they are taking sups for that and eating a ton of crap. I am a women I lift heavy 5/6 days a week. I'm actually shredding my body not bulking. Not a good video.

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